Black nail lacquer

The dark nails lacquers is trend again.

Frequently, we are connecting dark nail lacquers with gothic style, but we should forget this idea.

The black nail lacquers can represent the formality or the informality. We can obtain strong and serious looks. Black colours suit  young girls with square nails. We can use other dark colours like dark blue and if you are a daring girl you can combine it with the dark.

las_claves_de_la_manicura_de_otono_en_tonos_oscuros_77767846_800x las_claves_de_la_manicura_de_otono_en_tonos_oscuros_780206193_800x las_claves_de_la_manicura_de_otono_en_tonos_oscuros_859219606_1200x


2 thoughts on “Black nail lacquer

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