Necessary or not necessary

o.5350Some days ago I bought Bvlgari Rose Essentielle perfume and then I began to think. The price of this permume is nearly 60€. I don’t know why I spend so much money in only a bit of water with a nice smell.

So I think about, if the perfumes are really necessary. It’s true that perfumes reflect our personality  but it’s not always like that. I am so obsessed with perfumes that I don’t believe that my body’s smell can say something about my personality, well, maybe yes: I’m a girl obsessed with perfumes!! hahaha

Gals,  I don’t know what you think about this but I believe that if your intention is  to only have a nice smell there are other ways to obtain it more cheap. Many bath gels or body lotions have  very good and lasting smells but if you can pay a perfume don’t doubt it at all .Scarlett-Johansson-Angel-Thierry-Mugler_TINIMA20120504_0494_3supermodelo-Laetitia-Casta-Guerlain-Shalimar_TINIMA20120504_0490_3Eva-Mendes-opta-Chanel_TINIMA20120504_0496_3Amanda-Seyfried-Green-Tea-Bulgari_TINIMA20120504_0500_3Gisele-Bundchen-fanatica-fragancia-Seductive_TINIMA20120504_0491_3Heidi-Opium-Yves-Saint-Laurent_TINIMA20120504_0495_3Kate-Winslet-utiliza-Tresor-Lancome_TINIMA20120504_0502_3Lily-Cole-intenso-Ambre-Extreme_TINIMA20120504_0492_3Rachel-Zoe-Vanille-Galante-Hermes_TINIMA20120504_0504_3


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