Two looks out of place.VFNO

The name of this post was going to be “The stars of VFNO” because my intentions were showing  you the best looks in the Vogue fashion’s night out, but when I saw the  the photos that were publicated on the online magazine of vogue I said: What?, What is that?                                I couldn’t believe it,  the majority of the looks were horrible. Judge you same

celebrities_y_modelos_en_vogue_fashions_night_out_257453755_800x   celebrities_y_modelos_en_vogue_fashions_night_out_739073749_800x

Alba Galocha’s look (left) isn’t my favorite because she look like too much carefree, but undoubtedly she was beautiful. I can’t say the same of Tiziana Domínguez’s look (right)  that doesn’t suit her and in my opinion the hairstyle was not the most indicated.

celebrities_y_modelos_en_vogue_fashions_night_out_273189458_800xcelebrities_y_modelos_en_vogue_fashions_night_out_896718357_800xcelebrities_y_modelos_en_vogue_fashions_night_out_775546894_800x   These three girls were going simple and they are  beautiful but one of these dresses is a horror, I would not put on it.


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